Apr 1, 2015

Gifts and catkins

Catkins, green woolen socks made for me by one lovely soul, Easter time, Japanese white chocolate (so good!),  beautiful stay at the oldest part of our city and the music played there by my son at the music festival for kids, soft Malabrigo Arroyo, blooming tea in my new glass tea pot - these are my recent delights and blessings. So much to be grateful for.


  1. The best things in life is if one just have joyful everyday. I love the morning coffee with calm moment. That is enough to feel happy.

  2. I agree! There is so much beauty and joy around us every day.
    ps. I am having my calm morning moment with a cup of tea at this moment

  3. I came across your blog while researching dyeing with tea. As I read further, I couldn't help but notice your beautiful purple coat. Could you tell me what yarn you used? I would love to make something along the same lines to wear in my chilly house in the middle of our Canadian winter. So pretty!