Jan 12, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Yesterday it was snowing. I love to walk on the new snow. Everything is pure and I can start making my own little paths from scratch. It is a fresh start. New Year's was a fresh start for me in life, too. For the first time, really. I've never felt such a need before. Last year was one of the hardest I have had in my life. Just after losing a family member we lost another loved one. In addition there were severe health problems concerning several family members and myself. There were also many other challenges and sometimes I felt really tired and hopeless.
Nevertheless last year brought many good things, so many blessings and joys. Our son started preschool and it is the most warm and wonderful school. It is a small christian school. It is a true blessing to see him enjoy his days there. He is a happy little boy.
One of my joys and reasons for gratitude is friendship and this blog I have. I needed to start from scratch last spring and left my old blog to start a new one. I am so grateful of the warmness I have experienced here in this wide world of talented and warmhearted souls. Thank you for that, dear friends!!
When the new year started I promised myself something inspiring and beautiful. I ordered two of the most beautiful hand made rings from Mariaela.  They are so, so  beautiful. They remind me of the beauty that surrounds me every day. The stone rings remind me also from the strength that God gives us when it is almost impossible to carry on. Now I have two of the most wonderful reminders of this. I am going to wear them with joy!

Other things I am grateful for today:

  • knitting!! I have knitted something simple but with love for friends. I am wrapping those little presents today :)
  • inspiration - looove this picture and that scarf.

  • the courage to start using instagram :) I know. It doesn't sound anything big but you know I am the worst in all things that need computers, phones or programs etc. By the way, how do you people make links to another person's instagram account in your comments? I do not know...please help :)
  • the snow!
  • the light that snow brought with it
  • winter clothes! And that I can wear them now when it is finally winter.
  • scones :)
hugs and blessings,


I really enjoy my visits in inspirational blogs. One of my favourites is Vibeke's A Butterfly in my hair and it was there where I found this idea of a Gratitude Sunday a while back. Vibeke wrote that she tries to join in on Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and all the others over at her blog Wooly Moss Roots. I am thankful for this lovely idea for Taryn and for Vibeke who brought this to my attention.
   I started listing things I am grateful for here in english (In finnish I have done that on and off for years in my diary). Those most important things I am grateful for in my life like my family and faith are the same as mentioned here. I have so much to be grateful for. We all do.

Jan 11, 2014

Something lovely and warm

HI! It is snowing!! I am so happy. We have been waiting for the snow to come for so long and this morning it finally decided to float and swirl its way here. It is slowly frosting trees in the woods and  covering the paths I usually walk.
Lately I have been enjoying warm woolen clothes like this scarf from Oska I got for Christmas from my husband. Scarf love! Mittens are made by my dear friend and trousers are also from Oska (pure wool, ooh, how warm they are).
Today I am going to enjoy my little present, the snow, I am visiting the post office to get something I bought from etsy and I am gift knitting for friends. Something warm for them, too.



ps. I have a huge hunger for new yarn right now. How about you?

Jan 4, 2014

About trees and their ways

“Listen to the trees talking in their sleep, she whispered, as he lifted her to the ground. 'What nice dreams they must have!” 

L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables