Feb 23, 2015

A Nest

We spent a few days at Aland island. The wind was cold but our hearts and souls so warm. We explored the nature, swam in a freezing pool can you imagine (!), laughed and loved both each other and the place. I also got to visit the local yarn shop and found some treasures for spring time.

Before our vacation I knitted a pair of Sweet Robin Wrist-ees. I used Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift in lovely colors and enjoyed both the yarn and the pattern very much. I especially like the nest on the left wrist warmer.

We all need a safe place, a cosy nest. Some place to call a home. I am planning to brighten up my nest with light,  happy toughts, kindness and fresh flowers this week. Small things but so important.

Have a happy week!

- Anu