Dec 31, 2013

Plum, purple and burgundy

I finished my simple waistcoast yesterday. I am so happy!  I LOVE the colours in it and I think it looks pretty with my favourite, favourite  NOA NOA dress, plum coloured shoes and many of my hand knitted scarves (by me or my mom) and accessories like this necklace I got from lovely Anna. The yarn is Tokyo (Marks & Kattens) and the pattern is Marks & Kattens bolero but I didn't want to add those sleeves.
It is News Year's Eve and I am enjoying simple things - the moist moss under my feet in the nearby forest, gentle weather, my son's joy when he is playing a magician and free time with the family.
With these happy coloured pictures I want to wish you a blessed and happy New year, my friends!! 


Dec 28, 2013

A firendly day, today

These little green bouquets from my garden made me very happy today along with the warmness of spicy tea from a lovely friend and Harrods Chocolate Brazil Nuts from our summer trip to Britain. Not much happened and still the day was filled with meaningful moments.
Later today we had some friends over and I wanted to make our children happy by creating a winter wonderland for dessert since there is no snow here this Christmas. So, a few chocolate almonds, chocolates, sugar, rosemary, and two polar bears was all we needed for this. Oh, how nice it was to see the happiness in those little eyes.

- Anu

Dec 23, 2013

My Christmas buquet

Today I got this Christmas bouquet from my mother. I am mesmerized by it's beauty and the delicate combination of colour. Hyacinths are my all time favorite Christmas flower.
I have spent the day with my loved ones. We have done the last Christmas shopping, some cheese and fruit, visited a cathedral and admired a nativity scene there built by master Franco Artese. It had a magnificent lighting system which created an illusion of sunrise and sunset. At "night" there was also a shooting star in the sky and the music created a holy atmosphere. I truly enjoyed that visit.
Let Christmas come! I wish you a blessed and happy Christmas time!


Ps. Now it is time for a little late night snack. We are having cheese and ham, ginger breads, sugar almonds and a little chocolate, too.

Dec 5, 2013

Joys of mine


  • I have been spending some of my free time in the kitchen baking a gingerbread town. I absolutely love this  little town and wanted to try to make a similar one.
  • I had a lovely and very simple dinner today: hot potatoes with good olive oil, some salt and lots of feta cheese. Pure food love!
  • We have visited a nearby city and admired beautiful Christmas decorations while window shopping
  • I found instructions for a coffee-filter tree from Martha Stuart's videos. 
  • We had our first snow today - very little of it but still...soooo beautiful.
I am sending my love,