Mar 29, 2014

My week in cups of tea

Hi!  I am sitting in my kitchen drinking tea while writing this to you. This kitchen is one of my favourite places in the world. I can see over the fields, my eyes have room to wander. I often see friendly wild life while enjoying my cup of tea. Today I met a huge rabbit. He was staring me as if he wanted to say something through my kitchen window. The birds have also been very busy settling down to their new home. The nesting has begun and there is obviously plenty of "housework" for  them to do. How hard working they are! This morning I have also enjoyed  a decision I have made which gives me hope and peace. I am ready for the spring to come. Welcome friend!!
The color of the week has been green. I am so hungry for it right now. I kind of love that outfit in the second last picture (The Simple Things/21).  Are you hungry for some color right now?

Things I have enjoyed lately:
  • my tea moments
  • fresh flowers, especially hellebores
  • willows, catkins
  • color green - everywhere: on clothes, on my plate, in my tea cup, on flowers, name it
  • gratefullness!!
  • my new shower cream called Spring rain
  • the scent of spring late in the evenings
  • purl soho -  beautiful fabrics
  • birds singing outside our bedroom window in the mornings
  • watching bird nesting
  • seeing happiness in the eys of a loved one
  • waking up to sunlight
  • coming home in daylight
  • starting something new with our son - piano lessons
  • baking chocolate cakes 
  • conversations with a true friend 
  • these lovely parcels I have received from Anna and Liesl. Thank you both so very much!!!!

Anna had sewn me a blouse. LOVE IT!!! Thank you!

And Liesl had put together a sweet combination of plum and cocolate crafting material with lots of other treats as well. We were swap partners via Vibeke's  color swap. Thank you!

I am afraid I have a nasty flu for the second time of this year so today it is going to be just resting and drinking  hot, hot tea. At least that is  lovely :)
Have a happy week end!

About trees and their ways

I have taken action to change my life towards a more peaceful way of living. I am seeking slowness and peace of mind. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of thinking to be able to find an escape but I can see an open door somewhere there in front of me. My path will go towards that door. Slowly.

I am already in spring mood but I still wanted to share these pictures I took some weeks ago. In these pirctures the quietness and peace are so intensely present.