Feb 18, 2014

I am on vacation. Yippee!! It is so lovely to be able to breath freely and do small tihings with joy.

Things I have done lately:

  •  I  hosted a party for some friends last week end 
  •  I celebrated my dear friend's birthday just before my vacation started 
  • We had a romantic dinner, just the two of us, me and my husband (It was our 12th anniversary)
  • We watched a swedish Maria Wern movie, me and  my husband
  • I got a new hair cut. Happy!!
  • I bought 30 tulips (for sale) and have been enjoying them enormously
  • I knitted a cardigan for my son's owl (on january)
  • I visited Ateneum and got familiar with a new brand (for me at least), Mifuko,  in the museum shop.  Their products combine traditional African handcraft techniques with Scandinavian design.Mifuko web site:
    "Mifuko supports fair trade ideals. We have close working relationships with all our sub-contractors and actively assist them in developing their businesses. It's a two street, as we pass on our own knowledge and learn from them about their traditional techniques.
    We hope that our association with these small businesses will help talented artisans to obtain regular incomes, learn about new markets and adapt their existing skills to meet European standards."
    "We employ talented Kenyan artisans and provide them with regular income. We keep our relationships personal and don't aim to mass produce. "

To do and enjoy list:

  • I am going to enjoy low budjet vacation with my family. There are so many things that do no recuire a lot of money. I am going to take little walks, enjoy home made food, play with our son and take him to aviation museum with my husband. We are going to sing and laugh, tickle eachother and dream about summer time. And every evening I am going to cuddle beside my husband on our sofa and enjoy our moments together.
  • I am going to organize some of our kitchen cabinets
  • I am going to knit a little
  • and sleep!!

I am wishing you a happy week!

- Anu