Nov 20, 2013


It almost feels like my November has vanished somewhere, like it never existed at all. It has been warmer now but  so, so dark outside. In the mornings when I leave to work it is dark and when I arrive back home it is dark again.  Every day. And I am asking where are you sweet snow??? Could you, please, please, arrive soon? I am waiting for you and the btightness you give to my mornings and nights.
I have been worrying many things lately. Sometimes life is like that. But then again at the same time I can find so many things to be gratefull for, so many joys that are in my life right now.
I have tried to cheer me up by surrounding me with rich colours and deep, intense scentes. I have built some inspiring and cosy nooks here at home - just on the floor. Cadles, tea (this time Hamam that lovely Anna sent me), chocolate and something to read are vital ingredients of a relaxing hide away place. My little almost an oriental nook made me feel like I was somewhere far away. That was just what I needed now.
This Hamam tea is mesmerising - Thank you Anna for that and everything beautiful you sent to me!!


ps. My computer is still broken...I am sad about it. I hope it will either be fixed soon or that I am able to have a new one. This is the reason why my e-mails are sooo late. I am sorry dear friends, I just find it difficult to write mails with phone or tablet. But eventually I am back again :)