Apr 19, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

There is nothing extravagant in our Easter days yet I am so grateful for everything; mornings without haste, child's laughter, his small hands into mine, little eyes full of happiness, family time, just enough chocolate, some low budget flowers from the market, home made pastries, catching up my reading, playing music together, gardening, dreaming about things that might come true and the joy of Easter. I am grateful!!

Happy Easter to you!!


ps. I just LOVE that combination of pink and golden little chocolate eggs :) (first picture)

About trees and their ways

Do you ever think how much potential is hidden inside people near you? People are like trees. If there is enough warmth, enough caring and nourishment they will burst into bloom.  It is beautiful.

This is one of my everyday trees. I am so unpatiently waiting for it to wake up from it's winter sleep...... And then, all of a sudden, it will transform into green and alive again. It just needs the sun to kiss those branches gently, silently. Day after day.
Photographing trees is something I enjoy tremendously. Trees speak to me the language of silence and they remind me about  fragility but also about strength and possibility to be renewed. I started this series last fall  and am going to share my love for trees with you by taking you with me to a journey to explore my everyday trees. There will be photograps about surroundings of my trees as well, like fields and  all kinds of natural beauty. I am sharing my photographs just as I have taken them (either with my camera or cell phone) so there will be no image processing. This series is about modest everyday meetings with trees, not about perfection. But then again I think there is often perfection like the purest kind of beauty hidden inside imperfection. Welcome to my world of Trees and their ways.

Apr 4, 2014

Surrounded by loveliness

Lately I have not had time or energy for my own projects. BUT  I do have organized my yarn stash. When I buy yarn I often go a little more skein just in case. Do you know the feeling that you are afraid that you do not have enough yarn for your pattern to finnish it?  But of course I usually end up having too much. Actually it does not matter because I have enjoyed knitting little things from that left over yarn for family and friends but now I decided to donate most of my stash to my son's school for the kids to knit and crochet. Today that stash was given to my son's lovely teacher who was pleased to have yarn for the kids to enjoy.  It makes me happy too that the kids can experience knitting with quality yarn. It makes all the difference.
I left some of the stash for myself. There is enough for a sweater for my son (greys, blues and greens), for a few scarves and beanies (pinks, yellows and whites) and some for our crafting moments here at home. At the moment I have two cardigans I need to finish but now has not been an enjoyable time for knitting. But I am hopeful...this professional life I am having right now may turn into a more peaceful rhythm. I very much hope that I then I could have energy to do things I love more often. And guess what? I enjoy just seeing and touching those pretty colored yarn balls. I feel I am surrounded by loveliness.

Have a great week end my friend!!