Mar 14, 2015

A Month of giving - and my little gift for you

My dear, dear  friend Vibeke is celebrating her 40th birthday by hosting a Month of giving at her soul warming and beautiful blog a Butterfly in my hair. Every day there will be given a new gift at her blog and introduced the maker of it through answering some questions. Feel free to join, it is open to everybody and the gifts will be sent worldwide.
You can discover my little gift at the 14th of March. I am so honored to be a part of this celebration. Congratulations Vibeke!


About my gift:
I wanted to make something that would remind me of our generous host of this lovely Month of giving. I know that Vibeke is a  friend of birds so I knitted a pair of Sweet Robin wrist-ees (pattern: tiny owl knits by Stephanie Dosen). I used Jamieson's Shetland spindrift, 100% wool, in pretty colors. On the left hand wrist warmer there is a nest with tiny eggs and on the right one a bird, a robin. These wrist-ees are the perfect thing to wear when feeding little birds. As Stephanie Dosen wrote to the pattern "when feeding birds  you can simply point to your wrists and explain that you are a friend" .
I also arm knitted a huge scarf and then felted it and shaped it to a collar/neckwarmer. The yarn is 100 % wool.

with love, Anu

Mar 11, 2015

Lately I have enjoyed a little crochet adventure with my favorite crochet book called Crochet Workshop - learn how to crochet with 20 inspiring projects by Erika Knight. This pattern from the book  uses the v-double crochet stitch with the puff stitch (my book is in finnish so I hope I got those names right in english...) and I love how it looks. The structure is simply beautiful. I just finished a spring snood for a dear friend and am already planning to use the stitch for something else, too.
I bought the first narcissus for this spring, baked a simple chocolate cake to surprise my husband and son and opened a lovely parcel full of yarn.
I hope you also have a lovely day out there.

- Anu

Mar 8, 2015

A Coat for these early spring days - for autumn too

Hi! I am so happy. I finally finished my coat. Do you know those projects that you think will never be finished? The ones that lie on your basket for months and months and you just do not find it in yourself to continue. Well, this was just like that. First I thought I would knit a cardigan and actually began my project with that thought (some old Novita pattern from a Finnish knitting magazine) but then I changed my mind and wanted to have a coat instead and just improvised. Yes - I wanted to have a  woolen, informal, oversize coat I could wrap myself into and feel perfectly cozy and warm.
I am going to wear the coat during my walks in the forest on these early spring days when the wind is still cold and it is too chilly to wear only dresses. I think the coat goes well together with my dusky pink  linen dress I sew last summer and with some of my other favorites too. Of course I am already dreaming about wearing this during the early autumn. It is just as perfect for October walks with a huge scarf and a pair of wellies. Simple pleasures.
Today we had a lovely bicycle trip alongside the river. I found my first catkins this year and brought some branches home. Catkins are my all time favorite sign of the spring season.

I am wishing you a lovely Sunday and inspiring moments for a new oncoming week.

- Anu

Mar 6, 2015


Not so many words today but bright and beautiful light, softness too.
Wishing you a happy Friday!

- Anu