Mar 11, 2015

Lately I have enjoyed a little crochet adventure with my favorite crochet book called Crochet Workshop - learn how to crochet with 20 inspiring projects by Erika Knight. This pattern from the book  uses the v-double crochet stitch with the puff stitch (my book is in finnish so I hope I got those names right in english...) and I love how it looks. The structure is simply beautiful. I just finished a spring snood for a dear friend and am already planning to use the stitch for something else, too.
I bought the first narcissus for this spring, baked a simple chocolate cake to surprise my husband and son and opened a lovely parcel full of yarn.
I hope you also have a lovely day out there.

- Anu

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  1. Beautiful yarns. Hope you have made lots of crochet. Your photos have great light. Thanks for sharing.