Aug 29, 2014

About trees and their ways

 The season is changing. I can feel the lovely autumn air coming closer. I want to embrace it and  celebrate this oncoming time of year. Yellow and golden leaves, welcome!!

- Anu

Aug 17, 2014

Something warm

Sweet Sunday to you my friend! I have spent my morning swimming in the glorious august sun, drinking elderberry, quince and honey flavored tea and planning something to knit. I am ever so grateful for dearest Anna who sent me this beautiful skein of alpaca yarn together with all kinds of other treats! Thank you - you are a sweet soul!!
The past week has been very exciting. My new job has officially begun. These first days have been quite busy - lots of passwords to remember, lots of new faces and some new tasks as well. Nevertheless it feels great! A great, great week.
I have also had an extremely lovely snail mail week. I received this parcel from Anna and and my new scarf from Gudrun Sjöden arrived. I thought it would look nice with the cotton knit (last post) and also with autumn cardigans - the ones I already have and the one I am about to knit. It is nice to have plans for the oncoming autumn season.



 ps. Maybe I will use the yarn that Anna sent to me to knit this hat
pps. I found a new (for me - it has been there for two years!!) yarn shop just a few kilometers away from our home. They had Debbie Bliss Winter Garden in gold/yellow. Apparently the yarn is no longer in the collection in the future so it was on sale. I bought some... LOVE the color.