Jan 11, 2015

Knitting dreams

This week I found a pretty little cissus from our local flower shop. Ever since I bought it  I have been thinking about spring and summer season, warm evenings and light. Oh, how I miss sunlight. We have had quite grey days here in Finland lately - well actually since November. I remember one sunny December day but otherwise it has been grey and cloudy. But guess what? Grey is one of my favorite colors so I am trying to make the best out of these days too.
One day my son came to me and asked if I would knit him a grey cardigan or hoodie. Yes! Yes I really would like that, I answered. He is very fiber sensitive and can not stand wools that tickle him (at all) so we begun testing what kind of a yarn would be something he would like. He choose Pickles Summer wool (I have it in my stash in soft pink) and we ordered it in grey  right away. It arrived this week and I am very happy about the color. It is a grey with a green touch, I think. I think it is so lovely that my son nowadays asks me to knit something for him, like a cardigan or this fox scarf I did earlier. I did not have any pattern but just experimented and had fun with the project. Now I finally found buttons for eyes and he has been wearing it even inside the house today (Can you see those cheeks? Like red apples. I took the picture after  a two hours time playing outside) Just now I found the creature on his bed with all of his stuffed animals. This all makes me so happy.
I have many knitting goals this year. Actually they are more like dreams because I do not want to think about knitting as something that will stress me and a word 'goal' has a little stressful meaning for me. My knitting time is mostly in the evenings after my son has gone to bed and after house work is all done. I rarely have a possibility to knit during daytime. One dream is to find days that would offer me an occasional, even a little moment with my needles during daytime. Another dream is to knit this hoodie I mentioned and then I have a list of garments I would love to try. One of them is this Viuhka.   This one is on my needles right now but I have not made any progress lately. And then I would just love to knit something from the new oncoming Madder anthology 2 book by Carrie Bostick Hoge. This Leigh Tee is so to my taste and  Rowan Cocoon..... I found a tiny little Cocoon swatch I once knitted and now I am so hungry for that yarn.
Mainly my dream for this year's knitting projects is to knit with fibers and  yarns that are kind of "yarn love" to me. It doesn't matter how much I actually get done but the journey with lovely fibers and time with my needles is something I am looking forward to. I have so much to learn and I am enjoying every new project whether it is small one or something bigger.
Oh yes and I finished my grey Bas Relief Hat. I like it so much!


Jan 5, 2015


Today; grey wool,  trellis pattern, soft white snow, dreams about next knitting projects, child's laughter, baking and one absolutely delicious pecan butter mocca muffin with a  cup of cranberry tea.
I hope your days was a good one too.


Jan 1, 2015

Slow living

A New year has begun. I have spent my day cherishing everything that I am grateful for in my life. And there is so much that it makes me cry! One thing I am so grateful for is that last year I had the courage to change some elementary elements in my life. First when pondering the possibility for change I thought that I was going to have to settle down for something that I need to work hard to accept but actually I was so wrong. After making up my mind about changing the course of my career and my life, our family's life has grown to a whole different level of well-being. I am so grateful and happy. This year my goal is to continue to seek slow living and well-being for myself and for my loved ones, finding us rest in everyday life. I wish that my dreams come true and that  all your dreams come true as well.


ps. In these pictures you can find some of the things I am so grateful for: moments with my loved ones (new year celebration with family), small knitting projects of mine (hat and a scarf a knitted early autumn), friends (mittens, tea, card and a coaster from lovely friends) and nature (pine cones my son gave me to make me happy), tea times!