Aug 7, 2013


I got this bulb from my mother before chrismas one and a half years ago. It was actually my advent calender that year. Every day on December, I watched it grow and finally it was blooming on christmas. My best calender ever! I was so happy noticing a hint of red there a few days ago. Can you see, it is blooming soon again. Oh, it is almost like christmas now :)
Here are also my fabrics I mentioned on Sunday;  little spots and butterflies, stripes and a hint of red in two of them, too. I don't often have an opportunity to go to a big fabric store so I was happy finding several lovely fabrics at the same time. Happy, happy!!
It is a thunderstorm here. We are having some waffles and tea and listening the rain to play it's music against the roof. I have always liked the sound of a rain - the smell too.



  1. your pictures are lovely. is there a sewing book you can recommend ? i am an absolute beginner with a love for dresses with simple clean lines...

  2. Hi! Thank you! I am also a beginner and sew mainly those easy and simple dresses. I have found easy but beautiful patterns, simple and clean lines, from Yoshiko Tsukiori's books (some of those are difficult but some are just great for a beginner).

    1. Thanks Anu. I have seen some great reviews on her books, but am unsure of which one to get :p ? could you please be so kind as to let me know the title of the book in this blog post ? Most grateful !

    2. You are most welcome!! In this blog post there is just some magazine (I just liked the picture in it). But I do have two of Tsukiori's books and LOVE both. I recently bought Stylish Dress Book: Simple Smocks, Dresses and Tops. There are many simple dresses in that book. My former one is Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom.

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    4. ah thanks Anu. I am so excited to start using my sewing machine which btw is still brand new and has been sitting in my closet for over a year. i want to over come my apprehensions and start sewing cute dresses for my self and my two little girls. Thanks again. I have already purchased one of the books via Amazon :)

  3. How special with that bulb! I hope You will continue to have year after year and blossoming.
    Those pretty fabrics, can't wait to see what You create with them. You hugely inspired me to take a battle with my resistance against the sewingmaschine and make myself something to wear. I do MUCH better with my knittingneedles : ))
    Waffles, tea and the sound of rain=happiness!

    Love and hugs

    1. I really do enjoy my bulb every day now! There are already three flowers in it :)
      I will show some pictures when some of my projects are ready. I do not know a purpose for each of those fabrics but for some I do and have already started to sew. I am not good at all with sewinmaschine but I am determined to learn more. I really love the feeling that I can learn something new. But actually the whole point for me in sewing is to have time for creativity and actually do something with my hands. It is so important to get to use one's hands, I think. And a garment is finished faster (if it is something simple) with sewingmachine that with knittingneedles :) I realized that, too :)It is always so rewarding to finish something altough the prosess is equally important, too, or sometimes even more important.
      I am glad to hear that you are inspired and I just say that go for it! Just make something lovely. It will make you smile I promise :) It makes me happy every time.
      And yes Waffels, tea and rain is pure happiness!!
      Hugs, huge ones