Aug 31, 2013

Almost September

Yesterday I wore my checkered tunic at work. It was so wonderful to wear something I have sewn myself. I wore  my tunic with a pair of blue jeans, black Noa Noa cardigan and my favourite, favourite Aigle trench coat and brown rubber boots with small heels (I had a pair of leather ballerinas to wear inside). Those boots and the scent of a rainy day make me always happy but now I had the pleasure of  wearing this tunic, too!
We had some comfort food yesterday evening - spaghetti with creamy sauce. A perfect friday night meal, I think. Today we are going to spend the day with friends dining together and taking the kids to play at a play ground. I think there is going to be a little fresbee golf too - have never tried that before. I think I am going to miss each and every one of those baskets ;) And tomorrow, oh tomorrow I finally meet Celine and Jesse again. Can't wait!!! Just can't. I have enjoyed those previous two movies so much. I think the dialogue is always breath taking; the conversation is rich, witty and full of meanings and I admire the pulse of these movies.

"Jesse and Celine first met in their twenties in BEFORE SUNRISE (1995), reunited in their thirties in BEFORE SUNSET (2004), and now, in BEFORE MIDNIGHT, they face the past, present and future; family, romance, and love. Before the clock strikes midnight, their story again unfolds." ( the official website of the movie)

I am wishing you a most inspiring day and change of month. Tomorrow it is going to be September. Yippee!

- Anu

ps. I bought that yellow woollen carpet I mentioned earlier. Love it!!


  1. Your check tunic looks lovely and your rubber boots- perfect for fall...thanks for the tip about the movies- might rent one tonight.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks! I almost am looking forwar of having many very rainy days because of those rubber boots :) In fact I actually really like rain and the scent of it so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain...
      And you are so welcome. I hope you found a movie.
      happy weekend to you

  2. I love ethan hawk <3 ..the movie you picked is a timeless classic. And Anu the tunic is so cute... ! I love the checked fabric design :) you should be so proud of your awesome creation ...and that sauce looks so velvety and delicious...have a lovely relaxing... rest of the weekend xo !

    1. I have truly enjoyed that 3 movie series. The last part was a little different than I expected but still good, I think.
      And thanks! You are so sweet! I am happy that tunic turned out to be something I can actually wear. You never know when you do something for the first time ;)
      I am hoping you have a super good week end. hugs!

  3. your tunic and brown boots are so cute.
    i just ordered brown boots for myself for coming
    fall season.
    this post gave me such a charming feeling. thank you.
    good weekend!

    1. Thank you so much coco. I am happy to hear that. I hope your boots arrive soon. I is always a pleasure to wait for a parcel. have a good week end!

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    3. Dear coco. I just noticed your comment and I will send you e-mail. (I deleted that message as you asked).

  4. I love your outfit!
    I hope you had a beautiful weekend.
    It's seems a nice film, did you enjoyed?

    1. Thanks Anna, I like it too. It makes me think of cosy autumn days. Maybe it is the combination of checs and brown colour.
      The movie was a little different than I expected but still good. This last part was mainly arguing (!) but some how still interesting.
      Sending hugs and good week end!!