Aug 25, 2013

A Little creative space of mine

Good morning!! Just wanted to say hello to you from this little creative space of mine. My fabrics, yarn, knitting needles and most of my crafting material is in a different room (in a cabinet) but I would like to have everyting in the same room. Still I am happy to have this multifunctional table I can use for work or being creative.
 I got up a little after seven this morning, made some tea and planned what to sew next. The tunic I mentioned earlier is finished now, you see (can you see it on the table there?). I bought very soft bambu college material and am planning to sew a pyjamas for our son. He always kicks the blanket away during the night time, so when those cold nights come, must he have something really warm to wear.
I am wishing you a blessed and  most energetic day! Later today we are going to a charity walk our son's school is organizing. Children are walking 1 km long routes and they have sponsors to pay a certain amount of money to charity from each lap. We go there to support him and spend a lovely day outside with the  family.



  1. good morning anu. i like your white mug and simple style of your work space. it is always nice to walk around to see the changing season with your own eyes. have fun♫

  2. Thanks coco. Sometimes simplicity offers a nice and clean starting point to all kinds of creations.
    And I agree, it is relaxing and wonderful to be able to see the season change to another.

  3. Love the simplicity of your space- leaves lots of room for creativity.

  4. HI! Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think so too.

  5. Anu you have the most adorable creative space, i love the positive energy from the white tidy arrangement you have made, wish i could find room for a creative corner like you have... so beautiful, thank you for sharing, it is very inspiring :)

  6. Thank you so much, Nat! I hope you can find a little space for your creations, too. This corner of mine is in our bedroom.