Aug 20, 2013

Onion soup and trees

Today's true joy was a soothing onion soup for lunch with a good dollop of cottage cheese. Soup looked like a golden pond of translucent surprises and cheese like a soft snow ball. Oh, how impatiently am I waiting for the autumn to come - windy days, the smell of rain and all those yellow and orange leaves, especially maple tree leaves. Those are the prettiest together with oak leaves, I think. I have an idea of taking a picture of one of my everyday trees (one of those trees I kind of notice every day) during some period of an autumn every day. Let's see if I get to carry out this idea this fall. The change of a season is always such a beautiful time and I would like to capture the feel of it like this.
Now I am going to have a hot cup of white peppermint tea with a  scone (only one, I promise, mainly to myself)  and browse the Ikea catalog that arrived today. Somehow I really feel like I need a big yellow woollen carpet for our living room. I am quite surprised by that idea :)

I am wishing you a good week! There is one of my onion soup recipes below, if you would like to try that, too.

My simple onion soup:
Heat butter in a large pan, cook and stir onion slices/pieces ( I used 3 onions) until they become translucent, about 10 minutes. Sprinkle onions with a hint of sugar and reduce heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until onions are soft (about 15-30 minutes). Add  some flour and stir. Stir one litre of beef stock into onion mixture and let the soup cook for an hour or more if you have time. Season with salt and pepper. This time I used also minced meat (spiced with taco spices because I had some left overs).

 - Anu

ps. I LOVE my new bambu bowl (first picture). It feels so soft and looks so natural. Can one say bowl love?


  1. i am glad you include the recipe because i was going to request. onion and cheese sound so good. i will try this but one question. what does the flour do, what is it for? just curious.
    i have a set of stainless bowl which i love their round shape very much. yes, bowl love, sound cute.
    thank you for the recipe.

    1. It is nice to hear that, coco! You are very welcome, I hope you like the soup. The flour thickens the soup a bit so that is the reason but many times I also leave it out. Sometimer I forget it and the soup is as good as with the flour. Then sometimes I want te sopu to be more liquid, so I use more of that beef stock.
      I think so too, that bowl love sounds cute :)

  2. I love the combination of your printed shirt and sweater vest in the first picture and also the bamboo bowl. I must agree, 'Bowl love' for sure, it is lovely. and Thanks for the great recipe, i will try it and let you know Anu... :)

    1. Thank you! I kind of like it too. I think there is a little nostalgic feel (mainly the print). And yes, bowl love :)
      Nice to hear, you liked that recipe. I think onion soup is so cosy food and it reminds me of autumn.

  3. Oh thank you!!!! I'll try to do as soon as the cold comes, I'm going to modify to vegetarian ( I don't eat meat)
    I'm impatiently too to see how the autumn comes but I must to wait, is there signs of autumn there?

    1. I would love to sent you and email where I can find it?

    2. You are so welcome!! I am sure it will taste good as a modified version, too.
      I am trying to be patient, too but it is so hard. Our school, I mean my work place, is quite hot and it is a bit had to work there because of that. I can notice the upcoming autumn in the evenings, because darkness comes now earlier than in the beginning of august. In finland we have very bright night during the summertime but during the winter the darkness comes before I can get ome from work. Nights are also colder now and the weather forecast promised that on week end the temperature might drop below 0 celsius during the night time.
      Oh, I think my e-mail address is missing here...I must put it here. It is