Aug 23, 2013

Friday night knitting party

It is friday and I am enjoying this relaxing feeling. My plan for tonight is to snuggle on the sofa with my cardigan to be (I am knitting a purple one) and having something salty and something sweet to eat- with numerous cups of tea of course. Friday joys!
About tea, I just wanted you to know that I was honored to have a conversation about tea with lovely Vibeke at her inspiring blog A Butterfly in my hair  - thank you so much for inviting me Vibeke! I want also to thank everyone for all of those kind words I could read in the comment box
Now I am going to kiss my sweet little boy good night and then have this knitting party I told you :) I hope my husband will join me on the sofa. I even think he might have a movie ready for us to watch. We like a swedish criminal series called Wallander, so I think there will be a Wallander movie for us tonight.



ps. I will show you my cardigan pattern later...I am a slow knitter (but really love the process) so my knitting projects take always a little time but eventually I get something ready. I hope that happens this time too :)


  1. i drinkk both hot and iced tea without sugar.
    so good.

    1. Why haven't I thought of making iced tea without sugar? Thank you for this. I must try that. I have seen so many nice recipes but there is always sugar in them.

  2. Hi Anu, i just love your collection of tea making items, they are all so cute !!... and i cant wait to see your new sweater..i am sure it will be lovely so we shall paitently wait :) !... also your evening sounds lovely and a perfect way to start the weekend xo

    1. Thank you so much Nat! And it is nice to hear that you will wait paitently :) Our evening was most relaxing, I just love movie nights at home.
      Wishing you a lovely Sunday!