Aug 17, 2013

Saturday morning's cake and some checkered fabric

It has been an exhausting week, good though. Many important things have happened concerning work and family life, e.g. our son started pre school and my students came back from their summer holiday. I really was looking forward to the weekend and now it is here :) It is time to rest now.

My husband surprised me with a beautifully pink and tasty cake from a bakery! A good surprise! So, this morning I  ate a perfect piece of this Alexander's cake, drank berry tea (lots of it, might I add), wore socks my friend knitted me, browsed these sewing books and was inspired by checkered garments. Some time ago I found a piece of checkered fabric that would be lovely for a tunic, I think. There is something so cosy in theese kind of fabrics.

Some days ago I finished my lilac cape. You can have a look. Please, do not mind the light - there is too much of it in some of these pics.

I was inspired by this and made my own modified version of it. I wanted it to be long from the back and wider from the sides. I didn't want to hem the cape because of this very long and curvy shape  (I thought I am not able to sew it so that it looks beautiful) so I cut two pieces and sew them together right sides towards each other and then just turned the fabric around. It is heavier but I like it like that. I cut ribbons to a little different shape than in the video and sew "wings"  like that (red tape).

It is a cloudy day here today. I am smelling a hint of autumn in the air and I just love that.
I am wishing you the loveliest day!! Mine is going to continue kind of like this:
- cleaning the house with the family
- eating pasta for lunch
- going to buy onions for an onion soup
- baking something, maybe scones with our son and enjoying them (with a hot cup of tea  of course)
- taking a little time for myself  - maybe with my knitting needles :)
- having a lovely night with the whole family and after our son's bedtime with my husband. We were planning to have a tv-night with netflix.

- Anu


  1. it looks so comfortable. you did so well, anu.
    i like check fabric too, as a matter of fact,
    i bought black and white linen the other day. loving it.
    it sound like great weekend plan you have. have a fun time with your family.

    1. Thank you!! The cape really is very comfortable and airy, too. I have enjoyed living in it.
      Black and white linen sound very pretty. The texture in linen is always lovely.My fabric is cotton mix and has some stretch in it. I decided a pattern and I will show you the result later.
      We had a relaxing week end and today I went back to work. I had meeting and lessons and it was a good day. Now I am looking forward to our knitting club (me and my mom) meeting this evening :)

  2. OH beautiful and cosy thing to do!Enjoy your weekend!
    Great job and I love the fabric.
    The cake looks delicious!
    Onion soup? it's a difficult recipe?

    1. Thanks Anna!! I hope you had a good week end too. I love the fabric too. Lilac or actually kind of purple is one of my favourite colours.
      The cake was SO good :) Nad onion soup I often cook is the simplest of soups. I will share you the recipe soon.
      Happy week to you.

    2. Oh thank you!!! :))))))

  3. That's beautiful !! so neat and well made. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations. PS : that cake looks so yum :)

    1. Thank you so much Nat! I will show you when I have made my next simple piece of clothing. It is so, so lovely to actually make something to wear. I love the feeling of wearing selfmade items and also wearing items my friends or family members have made by themselves. My skills are not so good yet, but it doesn't matter :)
      ps. The cake was super yummy :)

    2. oh, i agree Anu. i recently bought a new sewing machine and i am so nervous to even sew in a straight line :/ ...but it is a very exciting journey, and i admire your confidence. Good luck with your crafting journey.

  4. I enjoy so much your melodies of everyday life! They have become a thing i look forward to, i never rush through here.....i always pause and take a deep refreshing breath that come from the beauty and inspiration You share. And as You already know i often enjoy a cup of tea too while visiting here, such a blessing being here.
    Thank You so much for answering the zipper question! We could not understand so much in this Japanese book and one thing were if ut had a zipper or not : ) My friend sewed the dress while she was here, it became very pretty and fitted her perfect. She did some changes with the pattern because it was too loose for her.
    Your cape looks so good on You and i LOVE the bangle around your armwrist. And i can spot a pincushion from a far away friend also!!! How lovely to see it in use, makes me happy : )

    Wishing You the best of week beautiful Anu,

    1. Oh, thank you so much dearest!! You don't know how much you brought joy to me with your words. I do tend to have tea with beautiful blogs - a perfect way to relax :)
      And you are very welcome about the zipper thing. It is nice to hear your friend sewed the dress and thet it turned out to be very pretty. I really LOVE the pattern and the neckline in the dress!!
      Thank you about the cape comment, too.I really like the colour of it. By the way the bangle (actually a necklace) is made by Aarikka. My mom gave it to me some time ago. LOVE; LOVE; LOVE the colour. And that pincushion is my favourite! It is in constant use and makes me happy every time I sew and can use it. Thank you for that!
      I am wishing you a lovely week too.
      super hugs!