Sep 18, 2013

Some really big and scary things have happened this week. A fear of losing a loved one is horrible. Everything is all right  now, better than all right actually. I am so grateful for that but at the same time I am so very tired. The cure for my exhaustion is this: tea, Oreos and a little knitting. Unfortunately I can rest only a few minutes because I have so much work to do for tomorrow (reading essays) but I think that even a short pause can make the difference :) I have started to knit a hat from that yarn my friend Anna sent me. It is so fluffy and soft - I love that!

- Anu

Ps. I adore that oak tree. It is one of my "everyday trees", trees that I tend to admire daily. Can you see how beautiful it looks right now?
PPs. Thank you so much for your comments for my last post


  1. a big hug for these complicated moments♥

  2. Thank YOU so much for your last post. It was extremely touching.

    I am glad everything is all right now, even better than all right. I know what these feelings feel like, it is no good at all... I am glad you are coming through the other side. I like your exhausion cure :)


  3. That tree is beautiful :)
    Tea, oreos, and knitting can fix the world, I'm convinced!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you had some difficult times but glad you have pulled through it, I hope things work out well Anu...& you are such a great knitter! Take Care ...

  5. Enjoy your beautiful tree, knitting and Oreos. :)
    Much deserved.

  6. Thank you everyone!!