Sep 24, 2013

Dream hat in the sunlight

I visited one of my favourite clothing shops in a nearby city and bought a cute chocolate brown hat for those  oncoming rainy autumn days. Hat love, no doubt!

"Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today I saw one. I couldn't believe it. It got on at 42nd -- and got off at 59th, where I assume it was going to Bloomingdale's to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake. As almost all hats are." You've Got Mail

I think my hat is an exception :)

My mother's pretty, pretty flowers. During the day time it is still quite warm here and some flowers are blooming but nights and mornings are already cold. I like these chilly mornings. Somehow I can think clearly when the air is crisp.

Happy day to you my dear friends!

- Anu


  1. happy day for you !

    1. Thank you Monika. I just came home from work via one little organic product shop. I bought some almonds and citrus soap :) Now it is time to have dinner and play together with the family. Lovely evening to you,

  2. I love the hat Anu, its very cute and I love the safari vibe ! The shoes, and the tights with the blue combination,... all lovely. & I agree, the chilly mornings have a very refreshing effect on the mind. xo

    1. Yes! It really has a safari vibe. I am so in love with this hat...It is a happy thing that we have the whole season of those refreshing mornings to look forward to. xo

  3. You looks beautiful with this autumn hat!!
    Yes, these flowers are pretty specially the color!
    Have a nice day you too my friend!

  4. OH this blue outfit with THOSE SHOES! Marvelous.