Sep 8, 2013

September joys - Gratitude sunday

I really enjoy my visits in inspirational blogs. One of my favourites is Vibeke's A Butterfly in my hair and it was there where I found this idea of a Gratitude Sunday a while back. Vibeke wrote that she tries to join in on Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and all the others over at her blog Wooly Moss Roots. I am thankful for this lovely idea for Taryn and for Vibeke who brought this to my attention.
 I started listing things I am grateful for some weeks ago here in english (In finnish I have done that on and off for years in my diary). Those most important things in my life like my family and faith are the same as mentioned here. There are also lots of smaller but yet very important things I am grateful for today. Today I am grateful for many joys!

Todays joys:
  • I got to wake up in a clean and organized home. Yesterday I just wansn't up to cleaning because of this flu but my husband did everything  ♥
  • Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice - first published in 1813. I bought this special 200th anniversary edition from Helsinki on Friday. It is a lovely yellowish paperback full of witty words.
  • Our son's singing! He hums and we have to guess what is the name of the song he has chosen ♥
  • This new yellow woollen carpet of ours. It is designed by Kazuyo Nomura (for Ikea) and I just adore that curvy kind of surface and richness of the colour. 
  • My everlasting knitting project, a cardigan up to my knees.
  •  Reflection in my tea cup here (picture) - can you see that? 
  • My camera. I love taking photographs!
  • The fact that I have connected with beautiful souls here in this blog world
  • I am expecting a parcel from Spain!! I am so curious about it's contents :)
  • View from our kitchen window. Leaves are turning yellow and I just love that!
  • A New pair of shoes and a Noa Noa belt I bought to be worn at work (with that pencil skirt, mentioned in the last post). I very seldom have heels. It is not that I do not find them beautiful but I am such a clumsy person and heels do not go together with that plus I have these ill hips - heels are not good for my well being.
  • White chocolate with hazelnuts and black tea with peach and orange. I am having those right now.
  • That plant of mine - do not know the name of it but I find that fragile lushness very beautiful
  • My flu being a little better today.
I hope you are having a good day. Hugs!!

- Anu


  1. i am MADLY in love with your photos...this blog of yours...the color you sourround yourself with are heaven to me!! can i move in here please....and is it possible to get served some of that delicious onion soup while i am here you think?: )))

    that carpet....ohhhh, GOSH how lovely. i need one too to make me uplifted with it freshness on those coming cold, dark winterdays.

    happy to see the untold imprint tote here (and under here too, i have one too and i have used it a lot this summer. it carries my knitting : )

    i had some of that plant in my wedding bouquet and also have two here in our home now, it is called ceropegia woodii (often called string of hearts).
    have you seen the flowers that it gets from time to time? such a strange, fragile and beautiful little flower: ))

    thank you for your lovely words about my "ocean" annabel cardigan!! i am so very very pleased with it, i love how these two strands of yarn creates this beautiful color and feeling. the yarn that i have used on the cardigan is:
    -fairytale by du store alpakka
    -rowan tweed. they have them both at my favourite yarn store (heading there next week) so if you want me to buy you some i would love to : ))

    you look so VERY nice in that pencil skirt my friend, no wonder that you are happy about finding this one!!: )
    i find it quite hard to find skirts that look good on me. therefore i have just bought myself a new nani iro fabric again that i will try to sew an a-line skirt of with BIG help from my mother: )) i want a similar one (the shape of it) to the one that Nausika sewed me when she were here. the fabric is ochre colored with handpainted dots on in a white/beige color, i think it is a very pretty one : )

    wishing you a relaxing sunday and i hope you soon get recovered from that flu,

    hugs and love


    1. THANK YOU for this loveliest comment ever!!!!!!!!
      And you are so welcome to move in here and you know I have a kettle full of that onion soup here today :) It would be so wonderful to chat and enjoy of that soup together.

      Isn't that carpet beautiful? I LOVE it. Now I would like to find some pillows that would go nicely together with it. It is nice to have this kind of a project - finding something on my sofa, I mean :)
      This untold tote you gave me is my favourite. It is a bag for my knittings. Today it will follow me to a knitting club meeting I have with my mother :)
      Thank you for that plant info! I think that plant is just so pretty. And thank you for that idea that you could send this yarn. I would love to have some, you are so sweet! I will send you an e-mail soon.
      Your skirt plans sound so good. I know how hard it is to find a skrirt that looks good, I have the same thing. I find it very had to actually find suitable ones so this was kind of a miracle.

  2. your pictures are always full of beauty!! these are autumn colors!!
    here we can't find NOA NOA, I really like this brand the dresses are so delicate!
    This kind of shoes are my favourites a little masculine!
    Which cardigan are you knitting?
    I hope your flu disappears fast so you can enjoy this Sunday!
    Happy SUnday my dear friend
    (i'll answer your email very soon.. sorry♥)

    1. Thank you, Anna!! These are autumn colours for me too. I think that plum colour and orange and olive green are autumnal colours too.
      Noa Noa is one of my favourite clothing brands and especially their dresses are beautiful, colours too.
      And yes,those shoes are a little masculine and I like it so much.
      I am knitting a cardigan I found out of one finnish knitting magazine but I couldn't find the pattern in the internet. I will take a picture some time and put it here, so you can see that. It is very simple one with long sleeves and it is up to my knees.
      Have a good week Anna
      hugs and more higs,

  3. SO many your carpet such a beautiful color and design. Your photography is the 3d capture- very love-ly. Have a great weekend and enjoy knitting your cardi!

    1. Thank you, oh my! It is so nice to hear that you like my pictures. Despite my fly this week end was lovely and relaxing. Today I am going to knit some more and take it easy. Have a good week!

  4. Truly wonderful things to be grateful for. Especially the white chocolate with hazelnuts and tea! :)

    1. Yes, white chocolate (or any chocolate :)) and tea and nuts are the best combination :)

  5. Those are all gorgeous pictures Anu. My favorite is the first one and especially those brown oxford shoes, I recently got a new pair and <3 them. I also like the picture with the tea cup reflection, it is an awesome shot. Glad you are feeling better. :o)

  6. Thanks Nat!! Our taste in shoes is so similar. I really adored your boots you showed in your blog a while back. I still haven't found my perfect pair but have been trying to.
    Isn't that reflection awesome? Sometimes pictures have a certain "special feel" in them and I think reflections are always like that.
    I am sending you lots of warm thoughts. Have a good week, Nat.

  7. Anu! What a beautiful post. I am sorry I have never commented here before. I am truly inspired by the Gratitude Sundays that you and Vibeke are both doing... I am hoping to add this to my schedule, to help me both keep up better with my blog posting and also to help me take some time to look around me, and see the beauty and appreciate it...

    I have FINALLY sent you some tea from the states! It went into the mail yesterday. I think it will take a while to get there, sadly, and it is not a fancy package as I would have liked. I thought it would be nice to include other little gifts but as the days kept going by and I didn't get it in the mail I finally decided better to just send! Sweet Vibeke and her swaps, I love her projects. She has "introduced" me to you via your blog, which is so lovely. I so look forward to continuing to read here.

    I hope your flu recovers quickly! xo

  8. Thank you so much, Elizabeth for your comment, your words. It is lovely to hear that you have enjoyed reading those gratitude lists and that you look forward to continuing to read here. I am afraid my writing in english is not very fluent (it might be kind of finnish with english words :)) so it means a lot to me if someone actually enjoys something I have written. It would be nice to read your gratitude lists too.
    I am sorry I have never commented in your blog!! I have had this kind of a fear of using english with native silly. I admire your creations and just two days ago I was visiting your PERFECT studio via your words and photos. It is so, so wonderful that you have that space.

    Thank you for sending me that tea!! It does not matter at all if it takes time to arrive. It is always such a pleasure to have something to wait for. You had a lovely thought of adding something else in that parcel too, but you know I truly ENJOY the fact that I can have new tea experiences so I am sure your parcel will bring me much joy and happiness just as it is. I am sorry that my parcel is still here at home but I will post it on monday. I got to visit one of my favorite tea shops only this week so I decided to wait for that visit and now I am ready to post this tea.
    Happy week end to you!