Sep 13, 2013


I have had the JOY of getting two special packages from dear Anna this week. Thank you so much my dear friend!! I am so, so happy and grateful for getting to know you and for all of these beautiful gifts you sent to me. I wore that necklace today at work and it made me happy the whole day long. I also enjoyed my new cinnamon and chocolate (yes chocolate!) tea and drank at least three cups in one go :) And this yarn - it is pure heaven. It feels so soft  and that colour is intense and rich. Can you see how well that yarn goes together with a piece of fabric I bought this week (after one very unhappy dentist experience)?
Now I will put a kettle on and have some more chocolate and cinnamon tea with a piece of apple pie and whipped cream. Does not sound bad - or what do you think? Well, it is Friday and that means one can go a little overboard, I think :)

Special thaks to dearest Anna!


  1. ♥ !!
    the fabric is beautiful and really looks great with wool!!
    I enjoy so much with this swap!! you're so lovely!
    A big hug and happy weekend!!

    Please share with us when you have sewn the dress!!

    1. ♥ I enjoyed this so much too. Thank you, Anna for this! I hope you have a good and relaxing week end.
      I have spent my morning browsing knitting patterns and prepairing this yarn of yours for knitting - I have two beautifull balls of yarn here ready for knitting now :)
      ps.When my dress is done I will show you :)

  2. oh,
    what wonderful gifts that you have been given from
    the lovely anna!!: )

    i hope you have recovered from the flu...and what about your boy?

    hugs and wishing you a blessed weekend,

    1. Yes, so wonderful!! She is such a talented and lovely person.
      I have recovered and I feel quite fine already, thank you for asking. Our son is also much better but I think we still have to spend this day inside. If we go outside he is running and jumping so much that I am afraid that he will exhaust himself. Soon he will be ok, too :)
      Have a beautiful and blessed week end my friend!