Jul 22, 2013

Silver Sands of Morar

We had some poetic moments there. I will remember that day forever. The mist come from the sea and everything was suddenly hidden inside a beautiful airy veil. We had a swim and some tea at the beach and there was a great silence around us untill we heard a steam locomotive  nearby. We could almost see monsieur Poirot walking on the beach - it all reminded us from  books and films.

Sweet thoughts to you,


ps. I have had a blog in finnish for several years. It is still here. Somehow last spring I felt like starting something new  from a little different angle and that is how Bluebir's diaries started - at first just for me but today I decided to share it too. I enjoy everyday aestetics, so you will find here something like that. If you found your way here, I hope my little nook will nourish also your soul because that is what is is to me. A place to be creative, breeth freely and enjoy meaninful little things in life.

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  1. Anonymous10/6/14

    It is so lovely to see a bit of Finland! My mother was half Finnish and had a pen pal from Kemi. I would love to visit some day. Thank you for this bit of connection to my heritage~