Jul 28, 2013

Gratitude Sunday

I really enjoy my visits in inspirational blogs. One of my favourites is Vibeke's A Butterfly in my hair and it was there where I found this idea of a Gratitude Sunday. Vibeke tells that she tries to join in on Gratitude Sunday with Taryn and all the others over at her blog Wooly Moss Roots. I am thankful for this lovely idea for Taryn and for Vibeke who brought this to my attention.

 I am going to list some things I am grateful for right now. I will start from the most important things in my life and go on to those smaller but yet very important things. 

I am so grateful for:

  • Our beautiful boy, so big already yet so small at the same time. I am grateful about everything in him. Today he saw a caterpillar and was fascinated by it. He was wondering when it is going to be a butterfy.
  • My dear husband, our family, the fact that we have each other
  • My parents and them living nearby - It is such a joy to our son but also for our whole family to get to share everyday things with them
  • Our home
  • family life
  • conversations with my mom and our trip to a nearby interior shop yesterday
  • God and all the blessings we have been given this summer
  • Summer vacation we had in Scotland and here at home too
  • Silver Sands of Morar - the whole experience there
  • true friends
  • pain having been tolerable lately. Eaven if I have these unwell hips, I have been able to enjoy small walks this summer. I am so, so grateful for that!
  • picnics and beach days we have had lately
  • today's trip to a nearby beach, boys (big and small) were swimming and I got to knit a purple cardigan sitting on a blanket drinking cold soda
  • the courage to share this little blog (happened this week) with others and actually write something in english
  • my camera 
  • all of those little moments I have had for fotography this summer
  • the fact that I am going to have a new pair of glasses
  • my pink geraniums - so, so pretty!
  • a meal I had with my husband at a nice restaurant this week - just the two of us
  • the rainshower we got while walking to a cafe to have some dessert
  • some ideas I have had lately
  • self acceptance - one needs to like oneself even if one sometimes fails and does not always have the strength to change some things in one's life
  • waffles my mother made (with vanilla ice cream!)
  • tones of nature right now. I love the colour of fields this time of year.
  • italian ice cream I had with my husband on friday - coconut and liquorice & some vanilla, too
  • long showers in the morning
  • sauna
  • knitting something I love
  •  feta cheese ;)
  • tea times in solitude
  • chocolate, dark and white - well actually any kind :) 
  • my slippers, so warm and cosy



  1. it is so nice to know that someone can be so
    greatful to so many things in life.
    glad you can enjoy little walk. walking/day always lead my soul to a better direction.

    i am so greatful to your courage to write this blog in english, so i can read. like you, it is alos my secound language too, but by continueing, i've made so many friends around the world whom i can share the thought and happiness. i hope you continue and enjoy blogging.
    thank you, anu.


  2. Thank you sweet coco for your kind words. It was so wonderful to find your comment here. And I agree that walking can nourish a person so much. I read Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1876) on walking trips. It is a book of essays. His thoughts about walking are interesting and I have had many pleasant moments with those essays. He says that one should walk alone to feel the pure meaning of walking trips.
    I am happy to hear that you have made many friends and I have noticed the same through my finnish blog. For several years I have had a pleasure to be in contact with inspirational and lovely women. I am happy to have this courage now to try to say something in english too. I will continue and thank you coco for everything you said. It made me happy.

  3. thank you for your nice words on my blog and thank you for let me know yours.
    It's wonderful that you're grateful for so many things, small things but they make you happy and that is why they are so great and are therefore important.
    Continue enjoying the little pleasure of life!
    you have one follower more

  4. Anna, how nice you stopped by - thank you. Small things really matter and you are right that they can make a person so happy. I read from a newspaper years ago that one should write down (one can also just think about them, I think) every day five things that she is grateful for. It is a good advice, I think.
    It is nice to know that you will drop by also another time - thank you for saying that.
    Have a lovely evening. I think I will spend mine sewing or knitting after our little boy goes to bed.