Jul 22, 2013

Home again - tea and souvenirs

Our holiday was fulfilling in so many ways that my heart is full of gratitude and joy.

I got to visit at Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere heritage center in Elgin. It is an inspiring place which is established at Newmill, beside the River Lossie two hundred years ago. It is the only British Mill to convert raw material into products nowadays. They have luxury products made of wool and cashmere. Casmere fibre is shipped from Mongolia to the Elgin Mill and then transformed to products. I bought  a scarf and some yarn, too. From Edinburgh I already had bought their black cashmere cap and mittens. We also enjoyed Scottish home baking there with our afternoon tea (in the previous post you can see a picture where my husband is enjoying his scone). They have absolutely adorable Coffee shop and courtyard patio in the area.

These pictures I took with my phone from the center:

 Have a lovely day!

- Anu

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