Jul 17, 2014

Soft and lovely

Right now I am in love with these colors I have gathered in my pictures. Soft pink, lilac, warm grey and sunlight. Can one say that sunlight is a color? At least for me it is ;)
Ooh, how I have enjoyed these summer days. I feel like I have almost been living inside a soft pink bubble. This bubble has taken me to a meadow after meadow. Free time, almost all the time in the world (except housework and all that ;)) for me and my loved ones to spend doing happy and inspiring things. We have just come home from a wonderful Scandinavia tour during which I got to meet my dear friend!!! It was heavenly! One knows when one has found a kindred spirit :)We traveled from Finland to Sweden, Denmark and Norway by car and ferries. There was something for everyone in our family. Our son's little feet got to run on a hot and soft beach in Mossby and in Copenhagen Tivoli plus Legoland. My husband got to enjoy his favorite bbq place and other things he likes and I got to meet my friend and pop in to tea and yarn boutiques. We all LOVED to explore the nature.
Now I am going to enjoy going through my photographs from our trip, knit a little (one tee is soon all done) and taste all of my new teas :)  I got sooo tasty tea from Vibeke on top of plenty of other wonderful things! Thank you!!! I love this cowl you made for me and that basket too (you can see a peek of the greyish basket in my first picture)!! I also had the opprtunity to visit A.C.Perch tea shop and salon in Copenhagen and Aarhus and on top of all this I visited Palais de The in Oslo.
Guess what else is on my mind? Well, what kind of a cardigan to knit out of this heavenly summer wool I bought from Pickles Oslo? I love to go through options. I would like it to be something quite simple so that the yarn would have all the attention.
I also wanted to share with you some pictures of a dress I sew on June. It is made of linen. I did not have any pattern but just improvised. I quite like how it turned out.

I am wishing you soul warming summer days!!

ps. I adore this cup I got from Ystad, Sweden. Maria Liliegren makes all kinds of funky ceramics. It was exiting to see her studio. My favorite is the series called ALBA. This Alba cup of mine is going to be much loved :)
pps. Can you see the text on the pink wall? It says: All people smile in the same language. So true!


  1. Beautiful pics and lovely soft colors.The dress I love it - have you made it yourself? - of cause you did I can see on the picture ;-)

    Fun to read you have been in DK and visit the wonderful place of AC Perch. It is always full of people some times so many that people are standing in line outside also :-)
    By the way I found your blog via abutterflyinmyhair ;-)

    Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Hi Mette! Somehow my response went below there...You will find it after Anna's comment :)

  2. so magic Anu!
    I'm glad you had a wonderful trip, that you and your family enjoyed it so much.
    Now at home enjoying the peace of your home.
    hugs my dear friend

    1. Thank you Anna!! Now it is time to enjoy home life again. After trips I always like the feeling of going to my own bed :)

  3. Thank you very much Mette and welcome :)
    Yes I made the dress. I think it is lovely to do something also without a pattern sometimes...
    Denmark is so wonderful place. I have had the opportunity to visit AC Perch a few times and somehow I always find it to be so cosy there. Maybe it is the fact that it really is so small intimate place.
    I am wishing a great weekend to you too!!

  4. I love those colours too. Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation!

  5. Forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your new dress!!!