Dec 31, 2013

Plum, purple and burgundy

I finished my simple waistcoast yesterday. I am so happy!  I LOVE the colours in it and I think it looks pretty with my favourite, favourite  NOA NOA dress, plum coloured shoes and many of my hand knitted scarves (by me or my mom) and accessories like this necklace I got from lovely Anna. The yarn is Tokyo (Marks & Kattens) and the pattern is Marks & Kattens bolero but I didn't want to add those sleeves.
It is News Year's Eve and I am enjoying simple things - the moist moss under my feet in the nearby forest, gentle weather, my son's joy when he is playing a magician and free time with the family.
With these happy coloured pictures I want to wish you a blessed and happy New year, my friends!! 



  1. I love it Anu, it looks perfect with this beautiful dress.
    I like the plum color combination.
    I'm glad you like my necklace!
    Happy new year my dear friend!

  2. Thank you, Anna!! I am so fond of this colour combination and your necklace.
    Happy NEW YEAR :)

  3. Its gorgeous Anu ! I love the colors <3

  4. Me too :)
    So nice to hear from you, Nat!! Happy New Year!