Oct 4, 2013

Dyeing yarn with tea and other friday joys

Hello dear friends! This week I have been dyeing yarn with tea. Heavenly fun, let me tell you. I was like a child when I peeked into my dyeing kettle over and over again and wanted to see the colour to transform from white to this glorious autumnal shade of orange/brown .

If you want to try this you need:
150 g wool yarn (little skeins are best)
4 dl vinegar
4 dl water
a bowl
a kettle full of water
8 tea bags (assam for instance)

This is my white yarn

First I soaked yarn in a mixture of vinegar and water for 20 minutes. While the yarn was in the water vinegar bowl I heated  water with tea bags in a huge kettle. I did not let it boil but it needs to be almost boiling. Then I squeezed vinegar and water off from the yarn and put some of the yarn in to the tea kettle (some I put later for getting a lighter shade of orange). I turned heat off and put a lid on the kettle and left the yarn there for several hours. Then I washed the yarn and hung it to dry.
If you string the skeins tight enough you will have almost white stripes to those parts of the skeins. In my case I noticed this only when dyeing proces was finished but actually I love this kind of imperfection. There is a feel of handwork in those skeins.

I think this dyed yarn goes so beautifully together with Onion wool I bought from a yarn shop. It is 70 % organic wool and 30 % nettle fibers.

This evening I am knitting with jumbo knitting needles and having tea and cinnamon buns because today is a cinnamon bun day (in Sweden but I think days like that are ment to be celebrated everywhere :)) . Fun and relaxing!

I am wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. The yarn turned out so well! I 've never tried to handdye with tea yet, but wil try very soon!
    Have a lovely week-end.

  2. Yes, I was so happy and surprised by that.
    I hope you get to try this soon. Have fun!

  3. amazing colors!!! and thank you so much for the instructions I'm going to try, sure!!!

    1. You are welcome my friend!! I am sure you will love the project.

  4. the color of your life is so warm and love
    coming back to see your photos.

    1. Thank you dear coco. It feels very good to hear this from you.

    2. i am very curious what you knitted(5, 6 photo).

  5. Wow this is so cool. I love the autumnal colors...I cant wait to see how the wool translates into one of your beautiful creations Anu !! ...xo