Oct 20, 2013

About trees and their ways - October

Photographing trees is something I enjoy tremendously. Trees speak to me the language of silence and they remind me about  fragility but also about strength and possibility to be renewed. I started this series about trees a week ago and am going to share my love for trees with you by taking you with me to a journey to explore my everyday trees. There will be photograps about surroundings of my trees as well, like fields and  all kinds of natural beauty. I am sharing my photographs just as I have taken them (either with my camera or phone) so there will be no image processing. This series is about modest everyday meetings with trees, not about perfection. But then again I think there is often perfection like the purest kind of beauty hidden inside imperfection. Welcome to my world of Trees and their ways.
This week we had a little vacation and spent it partly in Helsinki. I got to see the Trees are poems -exhibition and found some of the photographs truly inspiring. In Helsinki I visited also some lovely museum shops and my post card collection (very modest though) grew a little. It is a living collection, not something I necessarily hold on to. I often send cards to my friends and like to share my collection that way.
I have also enjoyed a quiet life here at home like organizing my crafting material and clothes. It is already so cold that I have taken warmer coats and shoes out of storage for the whole family.

with love,


  1. oh..i know i would have LOVED that "Trees are poems" exhibition!

    when i did a walk the other day through "a rain" of falling leaves while looking at the trees becoming more and more naked i got reminded about the importance of letting go....and also about patience...about the different seasons in our own lives...
    there are so much wisdom given through watching trees...watching nature...

    oh, i find these words of yours resonating so deeply with me: "I think there is often perfection like the purest kind of beauty hidden inside imperfection". SO TRUE!!

    thinking much about you..
    love and hugs,

    1. Thank you for this dear friend. It is true that trees remind us about letting go. Sometimes that can be so hard in life.