Apr 4, 2014

Surrounded by loveliness

Lately I have not had time or energy for my own projects. BUT  I do have organized my yarn stash. When I buy yarn I often go a little more skein just in case. Do you know the feeling that you are afraid that you do not have enough yarn for your pattern to finnish it?  But of course I usually end up having too much. Actually it does not matter because I have enjoyed knitting little things from that left over yarn for family and friends but now I decided to donate most of my stash to my son's school for the kids to knit and crochet. Today that stash was given to my son's lovely teacher who was pleased to have yarn for the kids to enjoy.  It makes me happy too that the kids can experience knitting with quality yarn. It makes all the difference.
I left some of the stash for myself. There is enough for a sweater for my son (greys, blues and greens), for a few scarves and beanies (pinks, yellows and whites) and some for our crafting moments here at home. At the moment I have two cardigans I need to finish but now has not been an enjoyable time for knitting. But I am hopeful...this professional life I am having right now may turn into a more peaceful rhythm. I very much hope that I then I could have energy to do things I love more often. And guess what? I enjoy just seeing and touching those pretty colored yarn balls. I feel I am surrounded by loveliness.

Have a great week end my friend!!



  1. Oh you're so kind this is a lovely idea to donate your yarn and let introduce the kids in the wool word!!
    happy weekend my dear friend

  2. Ahhh, that was really sweet of you and I know much appreciated!!! Love the photo of the yarn in the basket. My sister, in Ohio, gets all my leftover yarn. I mail it to her every Xmas as part of her "gifts"....

    Linda in VA